We are Oniix

We work with Western apps, games, and IP to successfully launch or scale their brand and product in the Chinese market. China presents a prime opportunity to dramatically increase a brand’s revenue. Oniix prioritizes effective localization, strong IP protection, and customized distribution & promotion strategies.

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Chinese Market Entry Strategy & Execution

Oniix helps all kinds of IP successfully enter and gain market share in China. We understand that every brand is unique and needs a custom approach to succeed in China’s one-of-a-kind market.

Oniix provides a range of services for our partners, including:

  • Market research 
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Distribution
  • Digital marketing 
  • Promotional events

Mobile Game Publishing

Oniix has been helping mobile game developers succeed in China’s booming mobile gaming market since 2013.


We localize, monetize, distribute, and protect top mobile games in the Chinese market. Through a product-driven approach, Oniix enables foreign apps to thrive in China. With teams in Boston and Shanghai, we value IP protection, transparency, and dedication to our partners.

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