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27 Jul A Timeline of the Recent Problems for Apple in China

Apple has been facing some tough times in 2016. A large source of these troubles? China. New regulations and increased market competition have led to problems for Apple in China. These events prove that operating in China is difficult for all foreign brands, even the...

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A map of the Chinese social media and Internet ecosystem

02 May A Map of the Chinese Social Media & Internet Ecosystem

To many, the Chinese Internet stands like an enormous jar of candy on the highest shelf of a pantry, full of promise but impossible to reach, with the stubby, metaphorical arms of a child. With 668 million monthly active users in China and only about 50%...

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Girls Promote China App WeChat

17 Mar 7 Unique Traits of Apps in China

China’s fervent app consumption will drive app revenues to exceed $26 billion annually by 2020. Without a doubt, apps are the backbone of China’s mobile-first communication and consumption habits. However, in China, apps have strikingly unique design customs and features. That’s why we wanted...

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Colorful store in Southeast Asia

02 Feb Where You Should Publish a Mobile Game in Asia

Asia accounts for 55% of the world’s mobile game revenues. Home to developed markets such as Japan, booming markets like China, and a handful of up-and-coming markets, an Asia strategy is crucial to the success of any mobile studio. This blog post will look at...

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22 Dec The Chinese Mobile Gaming Market: 2015 in Review

2015 has been a groundbreaking, exciting, and, occasionally, nerve-wracking year in the Chinese mobile gaming market. Between booming growth, Tencent’s company shopping spree, and market maturation, 2015 can seem like a confusing year. When Oniix launched our blog halfway through 2015, we promised to provide...

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10 Nov The Scoop on the China iOS App Store

It seems that the China iOS App Store is always in the news. From the latest Apple earnings report to the App Store’s first (and second) malware attack, it’s the center of much attention. And why not? China now downloads the most apps out of...

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Pile of Chinese Yuan

15 Oct What You Need to Know to Monetize a Game in China

You’ve probably heard some rumors about the Chinese mobile game market. You might have heard of its massive growth or its love for new content. You may have also heard that China is a free-to-play paradise. But do you know what other spending...

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