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China makes up 1 out of every 3 app downloads


And will produce more than


billion in app revenues by 2020

But, without an informed and local approach, success in the Chinese market is rare. Most Western brands fail to gain market share in China and close up shop within just a few years.

Need Proof?

• In 2006,

Best Buy opened 6 stores throughout China. But in 2014, after spending billions of dollars, they completely exited the Chinese market. Why? Best Buy’s marketing was targeted at the middle class but pricing was suitable for only the elite.

•In 2013,

Clash of Clans, the #1 mobile game in the world, released in China. However, they underestimated the complexity of the Chinese app store market. CoC didn’t monetize on its first 600,000 users due to payment integration errors.

• In 2015,

Tesla saw poor sales in China. Critics say they misjudged the priorities and concerns of their target high-income urban customers.

These stories of failure share a common thread– a lack of appreciation for how radically different every component of a business, including marketing and branding, must be in China.



With a strong consulting background, Oniix has brought many Western apps into China. We believe that any app or brand requires a customized and thorough Chinese market entry strategy.

Deep domain knowledge as well as a creative approach are required.

Oniix provides:



Market Entry Logistics





A “replication” approach to China may see modest success but a dominant product requires a deeply tailored approach. Chinese branding must be carefully crafted, as to suit a unique culture and appeal to fiercely opinionated consumers. All aspects of a brand in China must be re-evaluated, including logo, name, and customer targeting. We will build your Chinese brand.


China’s app customs are strikingly different from those of Western cultures. Whereas unbundling (Facebook rolling out Messenger, for example) is becoming more prevalent in the West, China prefers an all-in-one approach. To suit Chinese audiences, design changes, as well as deep textual and cultural modifications, are key.


Distributing, marketing, and monetizing an app in China is fundamentally different than anywhere else in the world.

Chinese market entry requires dealing with these hurdles:

China’s government blocks a variety of networks, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter, rendering many functionalities of Western apps useless. Even websites or apps that aren’t blocked in China run incredibly slowly. This requires hosting on Chinese servers to avoid performance problems.

The Great Firewall of China

Android has majority market share, yet with Google Play inaccessible in China, there are dozens of local app stores on which to distribute, each with specific integrations.

App Stores

Simply put, non-Chinese entities cannot collect revenue in China. Our Shanghai and Chengdu teams facilitate transparent revenue reporting and collection.

Revenue Collection

graphic 2


The Chinese marketing ecosystem is completely separate than that of the West. Due to the Great Firewall of China, you need to adapt to local social marketing tactics. Oniix markets our clients on Chinese social networks including Weibo and WeChat. Furthermore, we also launch strategic offline and celebrity brand initiatives to ensure impactful marketing in China.

For each of our clients, Oniix’s Chinese consultants first provide a market entry proposal. This typically covers the following:

Brand messaging and positioning   /   Pricing strategy   /   Competitive Analysis   /   Technical integration   /   Localization strategy   /   Social media marketing     Media promotion   /   Offline marketing   /   App store strategy

After consulting our client on a China strategy, Oniix provides market entry support. This includes branding, localization, distribution, and marketing.


Oniix has been publishing and consulting for apps in China since 2013. We’ve worked with a variety of businesses, including games, utility apps, and educational apps, to ensure a successful China launch.


One hit we had in 2015 was the worldwide tapper phenomenon Tap Titans: which saw more than 2.8 million downloads in two months of a China launch and became a top-50 all-time grossing in its category on China’s largest Android App Store.


Our international team of consultants, developers, and marketers is located in Boston (U.S.), Chengdu (China) and Shanghai (China).  Oniix has the perfect experience and market knowledge to enable any brand or business to thrive in China.

Want to gain market share in China?

Want to avoid being the next Best Buy of China failures?

Let Oniix help with Your Chinese Market Entry!

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