Why Publish In China?

China is world’s largest mobile games market

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Over the past three years, China has transitioned from a strong emerging market into one that is a top priority of many game studios. Oniix has been publishing in this market since the company’s establishment in 2013. For developers to maximize their impact and return, they need an international strategy for an international industry, expanding into fresh markets with a localized approach. With more mobile gamers than the U.S. has people, China’s mobile game market generated more than $6 billion in 2015. This market can’t be ignored.

Why Tackling this Market Alone Won’t Work

Convinced that China is a lucrative market you should be in? Great! But how do you get started? You might think of going into China without a partner. Below, we’ve outlined the problems developers face when they try this approach.

If your game relies heavily on dialogue and instructions in English, then the average Chinese user will not comprehend it, so translating is a good place to start.

If you’re thinking Google Translate, stop right there! A weak translation is very apparent to native speakers and Chinese is too complicated for bots. For example, Google translates the Chinese phrase for “mobile games” as “hand travel”.

Every app developer knows that it’s not reasonable to expect an app to do well without a marketing plan; hits like Flappy Bird are one in a million. Without knowledge of or connection to Chinese promotional connections, this is one of the more difficult obstacles to tackle.

There are well over a million applications available for download on each of the top app stores in China. How do you stand out?

Chinese gamers prefer to pay within games in wholly different ways. Microtransactions, carefully placed item bundles, and pay-to-win mechanics are much more important than in Western games.

With every game we publish, Oniix revamps the entire monetization structure. Contact us for a free evaluation of your game!

Your app might already be on Google Play, but a few days later, you notice that it isn’t generating any iAPs! That’s because Google and China don’t get along too well and Google Play cannot collect revenue in China. There are dozens of local Android app stores and each needs to be integrated with specific SDKs and APIs. Oh the agony…

When Clash of Clans first launched in China in late 2013, Supercell generated no revenue despite more than 600,000 downloads because they had not installed the proper billing system.

After several weeks of learning how to integrate these payment APIs, you’re finally ready to collect some extra cash for that vacation you wanted to take six months ago. But, there are already pirated versions or clones of your game with millions of downloads all over Chinese app stores. These games are so popular that no one even want to play your version.

Top apps are often pirated, with cracked versions released within a week of publication. How do you fend them off?

Not all Western cultural references are understood in China, some content can even be seen as culturally irrelevant or offensive. It’s possible that your content could also be censored by the Chinese government! Plus, removing unsuitable Western content is only the first step – users want an app that has the look and feel of a Chinese-made game.

You guessed right: Chinese users do not know who Pizza Rat is.

Publish with ONIIX in China!


We take a holistic approach to publishing, focusing on quality, relationship building, and IP protection that meets U.S. standards.

Oniix takes a focused strategy: we carefully select the games and development studios in which our team believes and provide effective localization, strong IP protection, and customized distribution and promotion strategies for each title.

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